GT-8060 Series Hand Wheel For CNC Lathe And Printing Mechanism, To Accomplish Zero Collaboration Or Signal Segmentation

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Manual pulse generators(handwheel/mpg) are typically rotating knobs that generate electrical pulses. They are normally associated with computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery or other devices involving positioning.When the pulse generator sends an electrical pulse to an equipment controller, the controller then moves a piece of equipment a predetermined distance with every pulse.

  • Size:: 80x60mm
  • Resolution:: 25ppr, 100ppr
  • Output:: Line Driver, Voltage Output
  • Voltage:: 5v & 5-26v
  • Max.Rotary Speed:: 600rpm
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    GT-8060 Series Hand Wheel For CNC Lathe And Printing Mechanism, To Accomplish Zero Collaboration Or Signal Segmentation

    A hand wheel is a device for generating electrical pulses (short bursts of low current) in electronic systems under the control of a human operator (manually), as opposed to the pulses automatically generated by software. MPGs are used on computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools, on some microscopes, and on other devices that use precise component positioning. A typical MPG consists of a rotating knob that generates pulses that are sent to an equipment controller. The controller will then move the piece of equipment a predetermined distance for each pulse.

    GT-8060 Hand Wheel of 25ppr and 100ppr, can work with GSK  SYNTEC  KND  SIMENS  MITSUBISH  FANUC System.

    Model No. ADK8060

     Features:1.Gertech Hand Wheel is widely applied in CNC Lathe and Printing Mechanism, to accomplish


    zero Collaboration or Signal Segmentation.

    2.High reliability, long life and strong anti-interference ability,wide temperature range for operating.

    3.Metal gear brings, reliable and clear feeling when rotating;

    4.Body: 80mm


    Size 80mm * 60mm
    Resolution 25ppr & 100ppr
    Output Line Driver, Voltage Output
    Voltage 5v & 5-26v
    Max. Rotary Speed 600rpm
    Max Current Consumption 80mA(Line) 120mA(V)
    Max. Response Frequency 10khz
    Rise/fall Time 200ns(Line Driver),1μs(Voltage)
    Net Weight 250g
    Working Temp. -20℃-85℃
    Humidity 30~85%
    Degree of Protection IP50

    Five steps let you know how to select your encoder:
    1.If you’ve already used encoders with other brands, plz feel free to send us the information of the brand info and encoder info, like model no, etc, our engineer will advise you with our euqivalent replacement at a high cost performance;
    2.If you want to find an encoder for your application, plz first select encoder type: 1) Incremental encoder 2) Absolute encoder 3) Draw Wire Sensors 4) Manual Pluse Generator
    3. Choose your output format(NPN/PNP/LINE DRIVER/PUSH PULL for incremental encoder) or interfaces(Parallel, SSI, BISS, Modbus, CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNET, Profinet, EtherCAT, Power Link, Modbus TCP);
    4. Select the resolution of the encoder, Max.50000ppr for Gertech incremental encoder, Max.29bits for Gertech Absolute Encoder;
    5. Select the housing Dia and shaft dia. of the encoder;
    Gertech is popular equivalent replacement for similar foreign products such as Sick/Heidenhain/Nemicon/Autonics/ Koyo/Omron/Baumer /Tamagawa/Hengstler /Trelectronic/Pepperl+Fuchs/Elco/Kuebler ,ETC.


    Gertech Equivalent replace:
    E6A2-CS3C, E6A2-CS3E, E6A2-CS5C, E6A2-CS5C,
    E6A2-CW3C, E6A2-CW3E, E6A2-CW5C, E6A2-CWZ3C,
    E6A2-CWZ3E, E6A2-CWZ5C; E6B2-CS3C, E6B2-CS3E, E6B2-CS5C, E6A2-CS5C,E6B2-CW3C, E6B2-CW3E, E6B2-CW5C, E6B2-CWZ3C,
    E6B2-CWZ3E, E6B2-CBZ5C; E6C2-CS3C, E6C2-CS3E, E6C2-CS5C, E6C2-CS5C,E6C2-CW3C, E6C2-CW3E, E6C2-CW5C, E6C2-CWZ3C,
    E6C2-CWZ3E, E6C2-CBZ5C;
    Autonics: E30S, E40S, E40H,E50S, E50H, E60S, E60H Series


    Packaging Details
    The rotary encoder is packed in standard export packaging or as required by buyers;


    1) How to select an encoder?
    Before ordering encoders, you could clearly know which type of encoder you may need.
    There are incremental encoder and absolute encoder, after this, our sale-service department would better work for you.
    2) What specifications are requested before order an encoder?
    Encoder type—————-solid shaft or hollow shaft encoder
    External Diameter———-Min 25mm, MAX 100mm
    Shaft Diameter—————Min shaft 4mm, Max shaft 45mm
    Phase & Resolution———Min 20ppr, MAX 65536ppr
    Circuit Output Mode——-you could choose NPN,PNP,Voltage, Push-pull,Line driver, etc
    Power Supply Voltage——DC5V-30V
    3) How to choose a right encoder by yourself ?
    Exact Specification Description
    Check The Installation Dimensions
    Contact Supplier to get more details
    4) How many pieces to start ?
     The MOQ is 20pcs .Less quantity is also ok but the freight  is  higher.
    5) Why choose “Gertech” Brand Encoder?
    All encoders are designed and developed by our own engineer team since year 2004,and most of the electronic component of encoders are imported from overseas market. We own the Anti-static and no-dust workshopand our products pass the ISO9001. Never let our quality down,because quality is our culture.
    6) How long is your lead time?
    Short lead time—-3 days for samples,7-10days for mass production
    7) what is your guarantee policy?
    1year warranty and life-long technical support
    8)What are the benefit if we become your agency ?
    Special prices, Market protection and supporting.
    9)What is the process to become Gertech agency?
    Please send us enquiry,we will contact you as soon as possible.
    10)What is your production capacity?
    We produce 5000pcs every week.Now we are building second phrase production line.


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