GMA-PN Series Profinet Interface Ethernet Multi-turn Absolute Encoder

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GMA-PN Series encoder is a Profinet interface gear-type multi-turn absolute encoder with housing Dia.:58mm; Solid Shaft Dia.:10mm; Resolution: Multi-turn Max.29bits; Supply Voltage:5v,8-29v, PROFINET is the communication standard for automation of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI). Among its several features the following characteristics substantiate the usage of PROFINET:

  • Housing Dia.: 58mm
  • Hollow/Solid Shaft Dia.: 10mm
  • Resolution: Max.16bits, Single turn max.16bits, Total Max.29bits
  • Supply Voltage: 5v,8-29v
  • Interface: Profinet
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    GMA-PN Series Profinet Interface Ethernet Multi-turn Absolute Encoder

    GMA-PN Series encoder is a Profinet interface gear-type multi-turn absolute encoder with housing Dia.:58mm; Solid Shaft Dia.:10mm; Resolution: Multi-turn Max.29bits; Supply Voltage:5v,8-29v, PROFINET is the communication standard for automation of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI). Among its several features the following characteristics substantiate the usage of PROFINET:

    Flexible Network Topology

    PROFINET is 100% Ethernet compatible according to IEEE standards and adapts to circumstances in the existing plant thanks to its flexible line, ring, and star structures and copper and fiber-optic cable solutions.

    Integrated Diagnostics

    PROFINET includes intelligent diagnostic concepts for field devices and networks. Acyclic diagnostic data transmission provides important information regarding the status of devices and network, including a display of the network topology.

    High Availability

    PROFINET integrates automatically reacting redundancy solutions.

    Scalable Real Time

    Communication takes place over the same cable in all applications, ranging from simple control tasks to highly demanding motion control applications. For high precision closed-loop control tasks, deterministic and isochronous transmission of time critical process data with a jitter of less than 1 μs is possible. data with a jitter of less than 1 μs is possible.

    Expanded System Structures

    Besides the conventional automation structure consisting of a controller and its field devices, hierarchical structures with intelligent field devices and the shared use of field devices and input modules by multiple controllers can also be realized.

    PROFINET Technology

    PROFINET is an Industrial Ethernet standard merging plant automation with other enterprise IT resources. It provides comparable functionality to PROFIBUS. Established IT standards are employed as basis of communication: TCP, UDP, and IP. XML is used as description language for device profiles (GSDML files).

    Two ways of using PROFINET are available: PROFINET IO, similar to PROFIBUS DP as a distributed I/O system and PROFINET CBA as a modular component based system for larger systems.

    • PROFINET offers scalable communication for different applications in industrial automation:
    • PROFINET NRT (non real time) is suited for non-time-critical process automation with clock rates of roughly 100 msec.
    • PROFINET RT (real time) offers a communication channel with optimized performance (10 msec clock rate) for most factory automation tasks
    • PROFINET IRT (isochronous real time) employs special communication hardware to enable clock rates of less than 1 msec and a jitter precision of less than 1 μsec. This channel is mainly of use for motion control applications.
    PROFINET IO uses a view of distributed I/O similar to PROFIBUS DP. IO controllers (e.g. PLCs) run an automation program, IO devices (e.g. absolute encoders) are remotely assigned field devices, and IO supervisors (e.g. programming devices) are used for commissioning and diagnostics.

    The engineering of PROFINET IO is done similar to PROFIBUS. The field buses (i.e. Ethernet topologies) are assigned to control systems during configuration. The IO device is configured in the actual system based on the contents of its GSDML file. After completion of the engineering the installer loads the data for the expansion into the IO controller (PLC) and the IO controller assumes data exchange with the IO device.

    An IO device is addressed within PROFINET (and also possibly by external IT components) through its IP address. Data can be exchanged from the IO controller to the IO device (and vice versa) cyclically (for process data). Apart from this, parameter data can be exchanged acyclically during engineering of the IO device or by the use of PLC programming blocks.

    Certificates: CE,ROHS,KC,ISO9001

    Leading time: Within a week after full payment; Delivery by DHL or other as per discussed;

    ▶Housing Diameter:58mm;

    ▶Solid/hollow Shaft Diameter:10mm;

    ▶Output: Profinet;

    ▶Resolution: Multi-turn Max.12bits turns, Single Turn Max.13bits;

    ▶Supply Voltage:5v,8-29v;

    ▶Widely used in various fields of automatic control and measurement system,such as machinery manufacturing, shipping, textile, printing, aviation, military industry Testing machine, elevator, etc.

    ▶Vibration-resistant, corrosion-resistant, pollution-resistant;

    Product characteristics
    Housing Dia.: 58mm
    Solid Shaft Dia.: 10mm
    Electrical Data
    Resolution: Max.16bits, Single turn max.16bits, Total Max.29bits
    Interface: Profinet
    Supply Voltage: 8-29V
    Max. Frequency Response 30Khz
    Mechanical Data
    Start Torque 0.01N•M
    Max. Shaft Loading Axial: 5-30N, Radial:10-20N;
    Max. Rotary Speed 6000rpm
    Weight 160-200g
    Environment Data
    Working Temp. -30~80℃
    Storage Temp. -40~80℃
    Protection Grade IP65


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    Five steps let you know how to select your encoder:
    1.If you’ve already used encoders with other brands, plz feel free to send us the information of the brand info and encoder info, like model no, etc, our engineer will advise you with our euqivalent replacement at a high cost performance;
    2.If you want to find an encoder for your application, plz first select encoder type: 1) Incremental encoder 2) Absolute encoder 3) Draw Wire Sensors 4) Manual Pluse Generator
    3. Choose your output format(NPN/PNP/LINE DRIVER/PUSH PULL for incremental encoder) or interfaces(Parallel, SSI, BISS, Modbus, CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNET, Profinet, EtherCAT, Power Link, Modbus TCP);
    4. Select the resolution of the encoder, Max.50000ppr for Gertech incremental encoder, Max.29bits for Gertech Absolute Encoder;
    5. Select the housing Dia and shaft dia. of the encoder;
    Gertech is popular equivalent replacement for similar foreign products such as Sick/Heidenhain/Nemicon/Autonics/ Koyo/Omron/Baumer /Tamagawa/Hengstler /Trelectronic/Pepperl+Fuchs/Elco/Kuebler ,ETC.

    Gertech Equivalent replace:
    E6A2-CS3C, E6A2-CS3E, E6A2-CS5C, E6A2-CS5C,
    E6A2-CW3C, E6A2-CW3E, E6A2-CW5C, E6A2-CWZ3C,
    E6A2-CWZ3E, E6A2-CWZ5C; E6B2-CS3C, E6B2-CS3E, E6B2-CS5C, E6A2-CS5C,E6B2-CW3C, E6B2-CW3E, E6B2-CW5C, E6B2-CWZ3C,
    E6B2-CWZ3E, E6B2-CBZ5C; E6C2-CS3C, E6C2-CS3E, E6C2-CS5C, E6C2-CS5C,E6C2-CW3C, E6C2-CW3E, E6C2-CW5C, E6C2-CWZ3C,
    E6C2-CWZ3E, E6C2-CBZ5C;
    Autonics: E30S, E40S, E40H,E50S, E50H, E60S, E60H Series

    Packaging Details
    The rotary encoder is packed in standard export packaging or as required by buyers;

    1) How to select an encoder?
    Before ordering encoders, you could clearly know which type of encoder you may need.
    There are incremental encoder and absolute encoder, after this, our sale-service department would better work for you.
    2) What specifications are requested before order an encoder?
    Encoder type—————-solid shaft or hollow shaft encoder
    External Diameter———-Min 25mm, MAX 100mm
    Shaft Diameter—————Min shaft 4mm, Max shaft 45mm
    Phase & Resolution———Min 20ppr, MAX 65536ppr
    Circuit Output Mode——-you could choose NPN,PNP,Voltage, Push-pull,Line driver, etc
    Power Supply Voltage——DC5V-30V
    3) How to choose a right encoder by yourself ?
    Exact Specification Description
    Check The Installation Dimensions
    Contact Supplier to get more details
    4) How many pieces to start ?
     The MOQ is 20pcs .Less quantity is also ok but the freight  is  higher.
    5) Why choose “Gertech” Brand Encoder?
    All encoders are designed and developed by our own engineer team since year 2004,and most of the electronic component of encoders are imported from overseas market. We own the Anti-static and no-dust workshopand our products pass the ISO9001. Never let our quality down,because quality is our culture.
    6) How long is your lead time?
    Short lead time—-3 days for samples,7-10days for mass production
    7) what is your guarantee policy?
    1year warranty and life-long technical support
    8)What are the benefit if we become your agency ?
    Special prices, Market protection and supporting.
    9)What is the process to become Gertech agency?
    Please send us enquiry,we will contact you as soon as possible.
    10)What is your production capacity?
    We produce 5000pcs every week.Now we are building second phrase production line.

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